Pre-recorded hypnobirthing course

Once signed up to our antenatal classes, you’ll receive free access to our pre-recorded online Hypnobirthing course, which covers everything you need to know about Hypnobirthing and is presented by our highly experienced midwife instructor, Alexis Stickland. The course is for you and your birth partner, and the focus is on reducing fear and building confidence to maximise your chances of having a calm and comfortable birth.

Whether you’re hoping for a totally natural, drug-free birth, or you’d just like some skills to help you cope with the early stages of labour before pain-relief medication becomes available, our modern and common sense approach is for you.

Our course will help you understand…

– How the mind and body work together, and how fear and tension can influence pain
– Practical techniques – massage, breathing, visualisation and relaxation exercises which you can practice at home
– How your birth partner can help you to remain relaxed
– How to negotiate the hospital setting and speak to birth professionals to create the optimum environment for a calm birth

You will receive all the materials you need to continue your practice – relaxation scripts and MP3s, positive affirmations and our carefully written guide which complements the course, The Hypno Handbook.

Unlike some other Hypnobirthing courses, we’re proud that ours minimises the overlap between what’s taught at antenatal classes and what’s taught on a Hypnobirthing course – reducing repetition between the two as much as possible and delivering all the essential information in a clear and engaging way.

When to take the course?
Any time from 12 weeks. You can take the course much closer to your due date, but we advise fitting in as much practise as possible. A gap of at least 4-5 weeks between the course and your due date is advisable.

If you aren’t signed up to our antenatal classes, the course is available for purchase here, for a price of £30.

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