Meet the Founder – Alex Kohansky

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Meet the Founder – Alex Kohansky

Alex Kohansky

Alex Kohansky

Hi everyone! I’m Alex. I spent 10 years making documentaries in the TV industry before having my first two babies and starting up Bump & Baby Club when they were very small. With a third child now in the family, it’s fair to say life is pretty busy these days!

I am a born and bred Londoner, currently living in West Hampstead. I love how each part of London has its own vibe – it really does feel like a collection of villages, each with its own personality and sense of community. When you have a baby and you’re at home much more than you were previously, and your life has changed (it will change – get used to it people!), the area you live and the people around you suddenly become really important. That’s why I feel passionate about connecting local parents-to-be.

Bump & Baby Club came about because I was deeply inspired by the antenatal classes I took when I was pregnant with my first baby. Being within a group where everyone is on the same extraordinary journey as you, at the same time as you, is incredibly special. And having an expert to guide you along the way and answer your zillion questions is truly invaluable. I was bursting with ideas on how I could tailor the experience towards modern parents-to-be so, a couple of years later, I took the plunge and started up on my own.

One of the first things I did was surround myself with the best antenatal instructors I could find, and that’s remained a priority as the company has grown. The team are the heart and soul of Bump & Baby Club, they’re everything(!), and it’s a privilege to work with such smart, knowledgeable and caring people. I feel lucky and grateful.

I am not an antenatal expert myself, and you can breathe a sigh of relief that teaching isn’t my role! But I can see things from our clients’ point of view because not so long ago I WAS a client, and my goal is to never forget how it feels to be expecting your first baby. That feeling permeates through every decision I make at the company.

Antenatal classes can’t teach you everything there is to know about becoming a parent – your biggest lessons will happen once your little one arrives – but they can make an enormous positive difference to your journey, and I’m dedicated to making sure your experience with us is the best it can possibly be.

Thanks to all of you who’ve supported us so far. It’s exciting times for us here, and I can’t wait to see what the next few years will hold!

Alex x

Alex Kohansky Bump and Baby Club


Photo Credits: Helen Schryver (top photo) Cecilia Cristolovean (bottom photo)