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Gails and Bump

One of the most popular perks of the Bump and Baby Club experience is the afternoon tea for the girls and any partners who are planning to be off work during the early months with their baby, which is part of our antenatal course package.

So we’re thrilled to announce we’ve partnered with one of our favourite bakeries in London, Gail’s, who are now going to be providing the teas for all of our groups. Think scones with jam and cream, brownies, macaroons and more – all lovingly cooked to perfection!

How Will It Work?

One person from the group nominates themselves to host the tea and the goodies are packaged up and delivered to their door on the day.  We encourage everyone to see it as a collaborative effort and pitch in where they can – whether it’s bringing along a few paper plates, a selection of teas, or volunteering to help wash up after! We aim to make the whole experience as stress free as possible, so the host won’t have to provide anything (other than some than some hot water!) and everyone can kick back and enjoy!

Gails bakery and baby club