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Meet The Instructor – Alex

instructor Alex

instructor Alex

Last week we caught up with one of Bump and Baby Club’s antenatal instructors, Alex Filby, who has recently joined our team in Clapham. 

We asked her about why she became a midwife, her joy for the job and her love of Clapham. And as it was a scorching hot day, she shared her top tips to help you stay cool during pregnancy…


“I became a midwife after my first degree. I was very interested in women’s health and absolutely fascinated by all things to do with pregnancy and supporting women through labour. I realised that preparing a woman to become a mother was a huge privilege.

I will never forget my first delivery – it was such an amazing moment and when I saw the mother and father at the end, so transformed and being parents, it was just incredible, and I knew then and there that Midwifery was for me.

It is a really unique period of their life but for some women it can also be quite scary – I love reassuring them that I’ve seen it all before, I can get them through this and that her and her baby are going to come out the other side absolutely fine.”

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“I used to live in Clapham in my early twenties and it was so much fun! I like the fact it feels a bit continental – you’ve got your tiny art cinema and lots of lovely French restuarants and café culture. It’s a little bit of Paris in London!

There’s an incredible community of new parents here and I think that’s worth its weight in gold. The cafes are really family friendly, there’s lots of children’s clubs and fun activities with music, languages and art – all on your door step.

South West London is my patch. I trained at St Thomas’ Hospital, worked at St George’s and am very familiar with Chelsea and Westminster Hospital. I know the midwives, I know the doctors and I know Clapham, so I’m looking forward to making loads of recommendations to my antenatal groups, being really useful to them, meeting up and enjoying this beautiful area together!”

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Here are Alex’s top 5 tips to help you survive the summer heat…

1. Slap it on
Your skin is particularly sensitive to burning when you’re pregnant so reapply your suncream every 2 hours.

2. Drink, drink, drink
Stay really well hydrated, you’re not just keeping yourself hydrated, you’re keeping your baby hydrated too.

3. Banish swollen ankles
You need lots of fluid, and you also need to have your legs elevated. By all means get your partner to do a massage – this is your time, use it!

4. Cover up
Sun hats, elegant shawls, rock that maternity look.

And our personal favourite…

5. Eat Ice Cream!
Full of Calcium, Ice Cream is perfect for building up that healthy skeleton. It’s low GI so you don’t get sugar overload to the baby, so really it’s the perfect snack for pregnant ladies. Oh, and it’s delicious too!

Alex is an experienced midwife with a first class degree from Kings College London. She has worked at several leading London maternity units and is currently based on the labour ward at the Whittington Hospital. She is an internationally published author on barriers to quality midwifery care and an Expert Consultant to the World Health Organisation. Prior to becoming a midwife she studied English at Cambridge University and had a successful career in documentary film.