I’m Pregnant!

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I’m Pregnant!



My husband and I hadn’t been trying to conceive. We already have two children (5 and 4 years old) and were very sure we were done having babies, so seeing those two blue lines on the pregnancy test was a surprise to say the least!


I will never forget the moment I saw the result – almost immediately afterwards my kids, who were oblivious to what had happened, came bursting into the bathroom for their bath, chatting away as usual while my head was spinning.


I somehow managed to execute a perfectly normal bath time, then put the kids to bed, giving them the hugs and kisses of their lives as I imagined how I was going to divide my attention between three children (as well as my husband and my work).


Then I nervously called my husband (who was travelling abroad that week) to break the news. Along with the initial OMG! WHAAAT! YOU’RE F***ING KIDDNG ME! etc., there was laughing followed by disbelief, followed by more laughing and the realisation that this was definitely wonderful news.


There is of course the small matter of the practical side of things, which doesn’t seem so wonderful! Here are some of the thoughts that came up during that phone call with my husband…


– We’ll have to buy all the baby equipment all over again (we sold everything a couple of years ago)

– We’ll need a bigger car

– We may need to move house

– OMG what if it’s twins!

– Holidays: we’ll have to cut back on those

– I can’t believe I have to go through labour again.

– We are going to be outnumbered by our children. They could totally OWN us!


Now I’m 16 weeks along (and we know it’s not twins!), we’re pretty much at peace with all of the above. As with my previous pregnancies, it was a huge relief to hear everything was fine at the 12-week scan.


Physically, this pregnancy has been tougher than the others – nausea and tiredness hit me hard during the first trimester and at times were almost debilitating.


Your body rejecting everything other than a few (mostly un-nutritious) foods seems so unfortunate at a time when you’re keen to fill it with nutrients for your baby.


Here is a list of pretty much the only food that I could stomach during the first trimester…



Vanilla ice-cream



Crisps (particularly salt and vinegar)

Vegetarian sushi

Pearl barley and vegetable soup (Waitrose brand only for some reason!)


Pickled cucumbers


And here are some of the things that seemed to helped the nausea…


Taking a walk in fresh air

A hot bath

Sparkling water

Eating little and often


In terms of aversions to food… Having previously been a big fan of humus I can no longer be anywhere near the stuff and am actually having trouble writing about this, so let’s move on…!


Emotionally, I’m right back to where I was with my previous pregnancies: I have a desire to cuddle every baby I come across, I become a weepy mess at anything remotely sentimental, and I find myself regularly fantasizing about our new little one and the life we’re going to have with him or her.


So I’m feeling ready (sort of) for the journey. If you’re taking our antenatal course, you may see me sitting in on some of the sessions – I’m in need of a refresher in all areas(!) and I’m so lucky to have such an amazing team of experts to call upon.


I’ll be sharing bits and bobs on this blog as well as on instagram too, so please join me there! –  @bumpandbabyclub


Alex K