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Sponsor A Mother

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We are proud to be working with CINI, a charity helping pregnant women, mothers and children in India break free from the cycle of malnutrition and ill health.


CINI has developed a Sponsor a Mother programme to help women access the nutrition and healthcare they need during pregnancy and beyond.


Health workers make regular visits to the homes of sponsored women and teach them a variety of key skills, including how to maintain health during pregnancy, how to make nutritious meals and hygiene measures to prevent infection.

They ensure the women have access to a trained person to assist with their birth, either at hospital or at home. This is a crucial part of the care as in some areas of India 60% of women give birth with no skilled health worker present.


CINI then makes sure the baby receives immunisations and medical attention over the next two years and, further down the line, ensures the child can access educational services and facilitate registration with the local school.


For £10 a month you can be part of the Sponsor a Mother programme, where you’ll be linked with a mother and receive news on what’s being done to ensure a firm foundation is laid for the healthy development of her baby, and how the whole family is benefitting.

Along with a series of reports on the mother you’re sponsoring, you’ll receive photos of her and her baby, so you can share the progress of the family and see how you’re helping them towards a better future.


For more information on how to Sponsor a Mother, please contact Freya at CINI: